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With CloudResume

You get static paper or email resumes

Candidate handed paper resume

Day 1

CloudResume Received

Candidate sent a CloudResume

No replies

You call, but there's no reply because he got an interview without you knowing

After 1 week

Instant Messages & Interviews

You instant message your candidate and schedule an interview within CloudResume

Already elsewhere

Candidate got a job and is not returning your calls

After 1 month

Live Resume Details

You can see in his profile that he found a job but is still open for opportunities

Too late

Candidate moved and needs a new job in a new city

After 2 months

Always up-to-date

You can see that the candidate is open for a new opportunity in another city where you also have a location

No updates

This resume is no longer relevant

After 3 months

Update Requests

This applicant is no longer looking for a part-time job, you can ask him for an update since he didn't change anything in over 6 months


This resume shouldn't be in your pipeline anymore

After 1 year

Organize Hiring Pipeline

With time you can organize all your applicants in a pipeline that fits your hiring workflow.

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Free Unlimited Access to JobMap

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Easily manage multiple company brands from one dashboard.

Unlimited Departments

Easily organize your jobs into departments and assign them to locations.

Unlimited Managers

Multiple HR managers? No problem, you can add as many as needed and assign the right permissions to them.

Unlimited Locations

Add as many branch / locations of your business on JobMap to get local applicants.

Unlimited Job Posts

It is free to re-activate jobs after 30 days. This shows job seekers that you are still actively looking.

Unlimited Local Candidates

Receive unlimited applicants around your business locations/branches.

Free Career Page

Your brand will have it's own free career page with listed jobs and locations.

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